Ogre Guard

Here is the Ogre Guard miniature, 77456, in the Reaper Bones line. This was a great mini to paint. It took a long time to paint, but it was a labor of love. Getting the skin right was tough, it took a lot of layers and washes, but I like the way it came out. […]

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Here are more Reaper Bones miniatures, this time, Goblins. I purchased many of these and most of the other Reaper Bones miniatures to use to play Four Against Darkness with my boys. They liked it for a while, but now they like to just make up their own games with them. These are the 77444 […]

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Cave Troll 77004

Here is the Reaper Miniatures Bones Cave Troll. He was painted Citadel Ice Blue and washed with Leviathan Purple. A few other colors and layers were put into it as well.

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Owlbear 44001

This is the Reaper Bones Black Owlbear 44001. I would link directly to the model on Reaper’s website, but it seems to no longer be available. It may come back, but I think it was a limited run. I received it as part of a promo when ordering over $40.00 worth of minis. You can […]

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Dwarves for Warband

Here are some dwarves I painted up for use in fantasy games. I have been experimenting with Song of Blades and Heroes, playing solo. These folks have been fighting alongside a couple of halflings and a few other dwarves against an army of goblins, an orc, and a cave troll. Pictures of Gorebag’s Horde (the […]

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My First Miniature (sort-of)

Okay, so it’s not really my first miniature. It is my first miniature after a few years of not painting anything. About 7-8 years ago I bought a bunch of Tyranids, a whole armies-worth, and painted a lot of them up. I went to the local game shop, played a game and got whooped on. […]

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Trees Trees Everywhere

I built a wargaming table a couple of months ago and have some terrain, mostly hedgerows and a ruined farmhouse. I needed trees, so I bought 56 of them…armatures, anyway. I am awfully concerned with detail and trying to make things look right, so I couldn’t just leave the trees on their regular bases. I […]

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