Owlbear 44001

This is the Reaper Bones Black Owlbear 44001. I would link directly to the model on Reaper’s website, but it seems to no longer be available. It may come back, but I think it was a limited run. I received it as part of a promo when ordering over $40.00 worth of minis. You can still find it on eBay and other secondary retailers. If you do an internet search of “Owlbear 44001” it should come right up.

The promo was to promote their new Bones Black line, a harder plastic version of their Bones miniatures. I must say, I like the Bones Black material a lot more. It seems very durable and a better mold and did not have any warping to correct. The bones miniatures sometimes have bent/warped spears, staffs, and other long thin pieces. This is easily remedied, so don’t be deterred from buying them. They are great miniatures and inexpensive. It was a great mini to paint!

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