Soviets in NBC Suits

Here is a little step-by-step on how I painted up these Soviets in NBC suits from Eureka Miniatures. I tried to match the colors with the middle figure(2). I’m happy with them. Now these boys will be heading to the Zone!

I used a mix of Citadel and Vallejo paints. Most of my Citadel paints are the old ones, so I will list them with the old names. If you’re interested, there is a great conversion chart over at the Dakka Dakka forums. This chart is invaluable, especially if you’ve used up an old pot and you need a refill.
Started out with a brush on Reaper White Primer and black base The base for the suits is an approximately 3:1 mix of Green Grey (971) and Ice Blue.
All of the metal parts, weapons, gas mask tube, and boots and gloves, undercoated with black.
Gas masks undercoated with Bleached Bone.
I used Vermin Brown for the wood stocks. I think this color has a nice reddish hue. This is my oldest Citadel paint pot, but I added water and it’s still usable!
The respirator case/filter bag and straps painted with Green Brown (879).
The gloves are hit with Codex Grey and highlighted with Fortress Grey. The metal bits, weapons, and gasmask tubing are drybrushed heavily with Boltgun Metal. The helmets and ammo container on the PK Machine Gun are US Dark Green (893).
The eyes of the gasmask are painted Vallejo White and the rims are black with a touch of Boltgun Metal. Finally everything gets a nice wash! The main suits and helmets get a Thrakka Green wash. Metal, gloves, and booties get a black wash. The gas mask, filter bag, straps, and wood stocks get an Agrax Earthshade brown wash.
A view from the back to see the filter bags.

Finally, the whole squad in all their glory, ready to enter the Zone. The final step is a Vallejo Matte Varnish and static grass. Good luck, comrades!


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