Boris, The Mad Gunner

This is my entry into the Stalker/Zona Alpha Facebook single miniature contest:

Boris aka “The Mad Gunner”

Boris is a military man turned soldier of fortune. Thy say he’s mad because he’s slept overnight in the Zone a few times. He says he likes it…that it feels like home…

The body and equipment were made with Warlord German Grenadier, US Airborne, and British Desert sprues. The M249 is from the Modern Day Heroes NATO weapons blister and the head is a Pig Iron Productions.

I tried to go for this camo, and I’m happy the way it turned out. From Wikipedia: It’s called A-TACS. Used by Peruvian marines and the Haitian National Police. Unlicensed copies are used by the Russian Federation under the name of “Ataka”.

He’s a Russian, so I supposed it’s an unlicensed copy. 😉


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