Viktor, Doc Kirill, Boris, and Nico, military men known as the Ratsnakes, have been tasked with recovering a power generator and getting is back to working condition. Word has it that a group of bandits have been trashing it for parts. The generator is located in an area known for anomalous activities and strange creatures. This also means there’s extra money to be made.

Viktor, the group leader is armed with an AK47 as is Doc Kirill, the company medic. Nico has his trusty Dragunov Sniper Rifle and Boris has his RPD Machine Gun. All of them are veterans.

The Zone is at Threat Level 2. I’m using option 1 on the Solo V2 rules.

The mission area is 3’x3′. The crew is setting up in the top right corner and they need to get to the power generator in the lower left. They have 7 turns to accomplish the task. The five Hotspots are marked with red markers.
Right to left, Nico, Viktor, Boris, and Doc Kirill.
Four bandits already deployed near the generator, probably trashing it while the one is on lookout.
The boys set up in their corner and Nico takes a perch on top of an SUV. He has LOS to the dirtbags by the generator.
The Ratsnakes win initiative and Nico pops two of the bandits. The remaining bandits, realizing they have no cover, rush for the barricade, but they can’t quite make it. They’re more obscured, but still a bit in the open…
Doc Kirill moves up and tosses a bolt into the decrepit wooded area, rousing a Mutant Spider and a glowing anomaly. Looks like payday!
Boris, at the ready, lets his RPD loose and wastes the over-sized arachnid before it can make a move.
Viktor moves up next to Doc and spies through the car windows. He spots a bandit through the woods and takes a crack at him. Two rounds drop him instantly. Viktor rolled well and won an extra action, so he moved around into cover behind the large delivery truck.
End of Turn 1 and things are looking good for the Ratsnakes.
The Ratsnakes win initiative again and Nico takes aim at the poor bandit still in the open street. It takes two shots, but he drops him where he stands and hops down off the SUV and heads into the ruined building to his left.
Doc recovers the Artifact and the Salvage and everyone takes up positions, ready for the next Hotspot.
Top of Turn Two, Viktor, Nico, and Boris go on Alert while Doc tosses a bolt over the cars.
Six ravenous Rad Ghouls scramble over the top and are met with AK, RPD, and sniper fire. With poor rolls, only two bite the dust.
Doc Kirill heartily regrets tossing bolts over cars as he is swarmed by the hideous creatures.
Doc suffers one wound and goes down, but he takes out two first. The Ghouls keep trying to get to him but they can’t seem to bite through his armor.
Top of Turn 3 the Hostiles win initiative. Tired of trying for the Doc, the two remaining Ghouls turn toward Viktor and cut him down. They then continue their rage and inflict more wounds while he’s down, finishing his career in the Zone.
Doc Kirill, patched up with his medkit and no doubt a quick shot of Morphine for the pain, hops up and wastes his captain’s killers with his AK. Things are no longer looking so good for the crew.
Turn 4 and the boys are shaken up. They’re not sure if they should try for more loot, or just move on to the mission objective. Well, greed gets the better of them and they decide to set up for the next Hotspot. Nico goes on Alert and Boris hops the cars and gets himself ready as well. All guns are on the house. Nico reluctantly tosses another bolt…
Four bandits show themselves.
Nico takes one out with his Dragunov and Boris takes another with his RPD.
Now the bandits take a shot. Boris, on the wrong side of the cars takes two rounds and drops, never to rise again.
Nico, has the high ground but no cover and takes three to the chest, also KIA.
The bandits rolled a critical on Nico and won a free action and with six more AK rounds sent downfield, Doc Kirill is wasted with multiple hits.
The Ratsnakes let greed get the better of them and were taken by the Zone. Now the bandits will make away with the loot. Rest well, comrades.

It was quite the game! This is the first Zone run I’ve done at Threat Level 2. I played two games at Threat Level 1 and it was a walk in the park. I was not ready for the lethality of these Zone Hostiles. Cover and Distance from the enemy is invaluable. It was a big mistake triggering the second Hotspot while being so close. Yes, they were on alert, but being so close the Rad Ghouls were able to charge in right away and start cutting down my crew. Likewise on the third hotspot. The boys, especially Boris, should have stayed behind the cars where they would have benefited from the hard cover.

As they say in the Zone, if you expect rats, you’ll get bandits. Be ready next time, comrades.


  1. Doc Kirill, patched up with his medkit and no doubt a quick shot of Morphine for the pain, hops up and wastes his captain’s killers with his AK.

    Would doc not be pinned after using his medkit? I’m not that familiar with the rules, still have to play my first game, but looking to learn

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, you are correct. He had the Bone Doc skill and was a veteran with three actions. So, he used his medkit, and had 1 pin, then he used one action to Rally and the rest to shoot the Ghouls.


  2. Hi! What a fun battle report! Thanks for posting it! I do have two questions. What game mat are using, and where did you get the UPS truck?


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Rob!

      The mat is from Front Line Gaming and the name is just “City,” I believe.
      The UPS truck was a lucky find at a thrift store and it just so happened to be very close in scale.


      • Nice. I also shamelessly copied it from somewhere, I’m sure! I think there is a post on the blog where I list the paints I used. 👍🏻


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