Here we have ten zombies from Eureka Miniatures. I must say, these guys are quite grotesque. I usually don’t go out for zombie stuff. It seems to me that the market is way over-saturated with zombie movies, tv shows, games, etc.

In spite of my anti-zombie bent, I picked these guys up for Zona Alfa and probably some Spectre Operations games. They are very good sculpts, but they are very gross looking. They have very little clothing, in fact, only two of the ten minis had any discernable clothing. For the most part its all flesh, skin, and bone. It looks like they have either been dead for a long time, buried without clothing, or they were pulled out of some vat full of acid.

They were very quick and fun to paint, even if it turned my stomach a bit! 🙂 I primed them with a light brown Krylon Camo spray paint, washed them with a flesh wash, then Agrax Earthshade. I then drybrushed them with different reds and browns and finally a light green. After the matte varnish I added some gloss varnish to the especially grisly parts; guts, exposed muscle, heads, and the like. I think they turned out super gross and I don’t like them ;).

I really didn’t care for kids to see these because of the horrific nature of them, but they found them sitting at the painting table anyway. My sons, especially the younger one who has a particular fondness for monsters, is fascinated by them and really wants to play with them. He says one of the minis has a “brain butt”…


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