The Most Sacred Heart

This is obviously different from anything else I have on here as it’s not a miniature. My wife asked me to paint this statue for her for Christmas this year. It’s a plaster statue with some dings and cracks and the new paint job has really brought it back to life.

I wanted to attempt to fix some of the cracks and broken pieces with Milli-put but my wife really did not want me to and that was probably for the best.

It turned out well, I think. I had a mishap and applied Agrax Earthshade to the entire statue as I would with my miniatures. Well, it did not look good. It made the statue look like he’d gotten in a mud fight or maybe just emerged from a burning building. There were also “drip” marks where the pigment had dried before I could smooth it out. And then the pigment accented all the broken and cracked pieces.

I was somewhat depressed about ruining my hours of work in a single stroke, but I stood up and told myself that if I painted it once, I could do it again. The final result is pleasing to my wife and so I’m happy, too.

Deo Gratias! Merry Christmas!


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