4Ground MDF Stalingrad Ruins

I purchased a whole bunch of 4Ground MDF terrain, and I must say, I do really like it. It is fairly easy to assemble, but it does take a bit of time gluing, binding everything together with clothespins and/or rubber bands, and letting things dry before moving on to the next step. Everything went smoothly with these except for some of the larger pieces of MDF were not completely flat.

To combat the warped particle board I had to use super glue and hold things in place a little while until it set. That being said, regular white glue (Elmer’s Glue-All in my case) was all that was needed.

These terrain pieces are pre-painted and so are table-top-ready once assembled. I will be adding some weathering to them to give them a more realistic look. I also have some Blacksite Studios terrain and I think the two manufacturers are equal in quality and they scale up just fine with each other.

If you have the means, I think it is definitely worth picking up pre-painted MDF kits, especially if you want to save some time on designing and building your own ruined cities.

One of the really nice thing about this Stalingrad series is that they are modular and the bases marry-up to each other very well. This allows you to create different layouts with the pieces, from a single corner ruin, small building, or even an exceptionally large single building.

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