Giant Puffball Mushroom

Here is my entry for the Zona Alfa terrain competition for January 2021. The idea was for a giant puffball mushroom. I don’t expect to win with this as there is some steep competition.

When I started, I was thinking of some sort of lighted terrain piece using Great Stuff! spray foam insulation. I sprayed the foam on a couple of different bases and one over an LED tealight. As I looked over all the different bits of foam I picked out the one that was smooth and round and thought…giant puffball! Below are some pictures of the process. I may do something with the LED thing, but I wasn’t too happy with how it turned out. Even with cutting the insulation up, the light on the inside is barely visible unless you turn out the lights…but I don’t generally play table top games in the dark.

The puffball piece is not pictured here. The one off the picture to the right has the LED light. I experimented with putting some arms and legs in one to create a monster inspired by the classic movie, “The Blob”. That may be finished up at a later date.
Here’s the puffball piece with a hole made in the top. I cut some q-tips in half and jammed them in there. I then spread out the cotton to make wisps of smoke/spores.

“They say there are giant purple fungi growing in The Zone. Inside is a sort of pearl. Be careful cutting it open and be sure your mask and suit are air-tight…the spores are deadly…”


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