Zone Hostiles

Here are a few miniatures I’ve just finished. I made these guys up mainly for Zona Alfa, but they can, of course, be used in other games. The rats and the bear-thing are Reaper Bones miniatures, the “Bloodsucker” is a GW Genestealer, and the snake-thing is something I sculpted with some leftover Miliput after a different project ages ago. As for the giant rats, they got the bare minimum effort as they are only rats.

This is called a Numenera: Ravage Bear from Reaper Miniatures. It is from some other fantasy setting/world called Numenera. It is a little buried on Reaper’s site, but they do still sell it. I found this gem on This miniature reminded me of the grizzly bear in the movie Annihilation. I thought it would be perfect as mutated bear roaming The Zone.
You’ll notice the bear has no eyes…the skin appears to have grown over them. Super creepy the way he smells out his prey!
Some perspective showing the size of the hairless monster vs. his next meal.
The tentacle head for the genestealer works well as a representation of a bloodsucker, in my opinion. The only genestealer I own… 🙂
I don’t have a name for this one yet. The idea when I sculpted it was simply a snake with a giant eyeball and a bone-blade tail. Once I got to painting it, I put one white dot on the black pupil to simulate the reflection of the eye. When I saw it, I thought it may be cool to put more white dots and thought of them as stars.
So, the creature is a sort of psychic monster that sucks the life-force out of creatures as they gaze into the eye, mesmerized by the universe opening before them. As the victim’s mind shrivels up, the abyssal snake finishes them off with a swipe of the tail…


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