Comparison of Eureka, Copplestone, Warlord, Mirliton, and Pig Iron Miniatures

Following a post on Trackside Picnic and comments by Pete of SP’s Project Blog, I thought I would post up some comparison pictures of a few miniature makers. I find myself searching for such comparisons when exploring new manufacturers and it can be difficult to find just the right pictures with the right miniatures in them. These comparison shots are invaluable, in my opinion, and so the internet could probably use some more!

Here we have some shots of Eureka, Copplestone, Warlord, Mirliton (Grenadier), and Pig Iron miniatures side by side. You can see the subtle differences in chunky-ness, especially in the weapons. The Pig Iron miniatures are definitely the largest. Pig Iron, at least these few I have which are Kolony Rebels, line up very well with metal Games Workshop Imperial Guard Cadians and Kasrkin minis.

The Copplestone miniatures pictured here are from their Future Wars line, Sewer Scavengers. These are the only Copplestone miniatures I own, so I can’t speak for any other lines.

The Mirliton (Grenadier) miniatures are from the Cyber Wars / Future Warriors line and are just called Scavengers. Also a note on the Mirliton, they come with a “slotta” base and the metal tab. I cut these off, shave them down and glued them to Warlord 25mm bases. If you put them on the bases they come with, they would stand about 2-3 mm taller.

I find that besides the Pig Iron mini, the models pictured here really work well together. The actual size of the miniatures bodies, height, and the rest line up so closely that from arms length one would be hard pressed to spot any glaring difference in scale.

L to R: Eureka, Eureka, Copplestone, Copplestone, Warlord, Pig Iron, Mirliton, Mirliton.
L to R: Copplestone, Warlord, Pig Iron, Mirliton.
L to R: Eureka, Eureka, Copplestone, Copplestone.
Here’s a close up of a Eureka mini being flanked by two Copplestone Sewer Scavengers.
L to R: Copplestone, Eureka, Copplestone, Eureka.
L to R: Copplestone, Eureka, Copplestone, Eureka
L to R: Eureka, Copplestone, Warlord, Pig Iron, Mirliton.

That about does it. I hope this helps prevent the dreaded buyer’s remorse that come’s from buying army men that don’t match up with your other army men.

Happy gaming, painting, and modeling to you all!


  1. That is brilliant, and very useful- thank you. Interesting to see them lined up like that. The Eureka stuff will be perfect for what I’m wanting then. Interesting to see a Pig Iron mini in there as it is a range I’m familiar with but never bought any of. Looks like they’ll be fine to mix with my 40k stuff but not so much my Zone Alfa stuff.



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    • Sure thing, Pete.
      I really like the Eureka minis. The Pig Iron may work for something like heavily armored troops. I have found that the Pig Iron heads for headswaps fit nicely with Warlord Bolt Action minis, too.

      Lots of options out there!

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  2. […] Comparison of Eureka, Copplestone, Warlord, Mirliton, and Pig Iron Miniatures @ I Dream of Minis – I find these size comparison pictures really useful. Again, with my recent interest in Osprey’s games, I’m looking at a wide range – indeed, multiple ranges – of miniatures and it’s really handy to have a good idea of how they compare to one-another. Thanks! […]

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