Stray Dogs and Giant Rats

I have finally finished a whole lot of zone hostiles for Zona Alfa. The rat swarms, spider swarms, and giant rats are all Reaper Bones minis. The dogs are actually Zombie Dogs from Zombicide. I got a good deal on twenty of them from I think I paid about $1.00 per dog.

At first, I didn’t really like the fact that the dogs were zombies or that some had collars or harnesses. However, considering the stray dogs in the actual Exclusion Zone of Pripyat were indeed people’s pets that were left behind, and that these dogs suffered from radiation poisoning, starvation, etc., I find it fitting that they look somewhat domestic and wounded.

Lastly is a family shot of all the Zone Hostiles I have painted up so far along with some Stalkers for scale. The last Hostiles to paint are some bandits!


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