Wasteland Bandits

It was a long process, but I finally finished up ten bandits for use in Zona Alfa, and other games, too, of course! I am used to batch-painting squads that are typically wearing the same or at least similar equipment. These guys, Scavengers from Mirliton and Sewer Scavengers from Copplestone, are all wearing different scraps and gear and even their clothes are quite different. My head was spinning while trying to figure out what to paint when. Being in the US, I purchased these through Nobleknight.com.

I am very pleased with the sculpts and how they turned out. I think these can be used as either bandits or stalkers. They have a great variety of weapons, from sub machine guns, shotguns, pistols, rifles, and even a light machine gun. These will make a great addition to the Zona Alfa hostiles.

I decided to unite the bandits with the same color red on their shirts/hoodies/rags. I imagine these folks to be part of some wasteland cult or something.

Also, a note of interest, while looking over these miniatures I noticed some striking similarities. In fact, some parts of the sculpt were actually identical! Is something illegal happening here? I don’t think so. Upon further investigation, it appears that both sets were sculpted by Mark Copplestone and he sells one set himself while the other was sold to Mirliton. At least that’s what I think happened.

I attempted a new technique with homemade weathering powder (crushed pastels) to create some dirty trench coats. It looked great when first applied, but after the matte varnish, the color was darkened a whole lot. I tried to match the powder color to the base color. I think that next time I will try a much lighter powder or just do it the old fashioned way – paint.

Powdered pastel freshly applied.
After matte varnish applied. The powder has been darkened incredibly.


  1. THose are great. Really like the red scraps tying them together.

    The Mirliton figures were originally sold by Grendier back in the early 90s, they are one of my favourite figure ranges as it happens.



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