Chip the Wizard on His Trusty Steed

This is the Chipmunk Mage on Turtle Mount from Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc. He is part of their Critter Kingdoms range. This little guy was procured at the behest of my wife (like she had to make me but more miniatures) as a “mascot” for our family. At our old house we had a chipmunk that would sit on the back deck and eat acorns and whatnot while we ate our breakfast. We would say “good morning” and he would look at us and keep on munching. We named him “Chip”.

Chip, the Mage of Oakwood, may be one of my favorite miniatures. He is so whimsical. I imagine the scroll he is reading is a spell to help the little Oak saplings grow strong to produce more acorns for his people.

He may find his way into some fantasy games. He could possible end up in a rat-men or Skaven-type group, but he is quite clean compared to the dingy and dark Skaven. My wife thinks he is reminiscent of a Redwall character, a series of books by Brian Jacques, and I do agree.

Maybe he won’t go to war after all. He seems more of the quiet, tree-growing type than a fireball-flinging wizard, though I’m sure in a pinch or to protect his forest, he could throw a fireball or two.


  1. Really nice Luke. Have a lot of chipmunks here in Massachusetts (once they come out of hibernation they are everywhere). I find it ironic that a speedy little chipmunk is riding a slow turtle/tortoise! Probably part of the sculptor’s fun. Your painting here is really good, especially the eyes. Big props my man!

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    • Thanks, Mark, that’s really nice of you!
      I also thought it was funny that the chipmunk was riding such a slow critter. I figure the chipmunk may just be very old or something.
      The eyes are always fun. It’s a satisfying last touch when I finally put that little white dot in the corner and some gloss varnish over the eye. Thanks, Mark!

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