“Models” painted by the kids.

My name is Luke and this is my miniatures painting and miniature wargaming blog. Welcome!

I started wargaming and painting miniatures (in that order, mind you, I played with a lot of gray plastic and shiny metal) when I was in middle school. I regrettably sold everything sometime soon after high school. A few years went by and I bought back into the hobby shortly before getting married. A short while later I decided I didn’t much like the hobby, and regrettably sold everything again…

A few more years passed by and, like the indomitable Mr. Toad of Kenneth Grahame, the itch of obsession struck me again and I bought an overwhelming amount of little metal and plastic soldiers.

Here you will find a window into the adventures, and perhaps misadventures, of my miniature world. Yes, I play with toy soldiers. Yes, sometimes I play solo. Yes, I am essentially doing the same thing my kids do with their plastic army men…and I love it.